Business brains + machine minds:
a powerful combination.

Apply our deep business understanding to the most potent software languages in the world, and your competitors don’t stand a chance.

Web Development

“If it’s not on
the web, it
doesn’t exist.”

An equal truism for services provided, products sold, and internal business processes.


Phone and email no longer suffice as ‘service’. Whether you run a commerce business or offer a service, clients never want to call you. Instead, an intuitive website should showcase your products and services, so they find ​all they need to answer questions and complete their side of the transaction.


Supercharge productivity by enabling your team to interact with business processes like {Image/Animation} they do with the rest of the Internet.

Anywhere access, instant gratification, and mobile availability mean sales reps can add leads at the meeting and managers can check off tasks on their boring train ride. Inspiration strikes anywhere; don’t make them wait for Monday.

Tools we leverage:

App Development

Web development ​is​ app development.

With React Native and PWA advancements, it’s even possible to use the same code for both.

Using a mobile-first approach

Whatever we develop, we think about the user and their specific use cases. Most often, accessing the software on a mobile device is more valuable than having desktop access.

While defining UX and element layout on mobile is significantly more complex than doing so on desktop, it ensures we don’t skip critical elements when scaling down to mobile.

Tools we leverage:

Deep Data

Running a business without analyzing its data is like mining for gold blindfolded.We help set and meet goals with assumptions and calculated risks that drive outsize returns.

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Goal Setting

We begin with a goal and a related list of metrics. The first step to benefiting from data is ensuring you capture it.


Smart data grouping, where correlation can be meaningfully extracted, leads to intelligent, often hidden insights.

Insights Review

We review positive and negative data points to divine their causes, then act to increase positives and reduce the negatives.


We know you deserve full access to your data, and provide visualization tools for natural, non-tech consumption.

Tools we leverage:

Logistics Automation

Moving product along the global supply chain involves manufacture, shipping, warehousing, drayage, shelving, package configuring and so much more. Make it less.

How we get ship done

The supply chain used to entail manual burdens and a slow, costly process. Rooteam streamlines the industry’s intricacies so you retain a competitive edge in the era of direct-to-consumer and same-day delivery. How? By automating decisions, developing smart routing, and optimizing supply chains for business outcomes.

Our key services
  • Directing supplies where most likely needed
  • Pre-preparing supplies for single-item, multi-item & trailer-load shipments
  • Meshing mobile scanners to reduce error & auto-route warehouse employees
  • Printing labels, packing slips, BOL & other documentation as needed per order & shipment
Tools we leverage:

Process Automation

The key to running a scalable business is in how efficiently it manages internal tasks and flows. Why add levels of management to your workflow when you can put tech to task?

Getting you into a state of flow

Sound strategies. Smart software. Proper implementation. Rooteam builds automatic workflows that create a scalable environment without the need for additional employees. Workflows are auto-managed by software, from creating tasks to transferring between departments, to posting follow-ups without a manager. Proactive tech = pro, active team.

Principles we believe in
  • Create reactive environment with software-defined processes & decisions
  • Provide task-critical information during task execution
  • Proactive beats reactive in 100 out of 100 scenarios
  • All data entry should happen only once-then auto-propagate to systems
Tools we leverage:

Cloud Computing

Enjoy hosting made for the modern age with scalable, fast, reliable environments that eliminate the need to own the hardware or assume the underlying software burdens.

Here as long as you are

The relationship doesn’t end when the development is complete. Ensuring that your systems are always available, secure and fast is of utmost importance. Rooteam creates an environment that ensures your systems are always up. This doesn’t happen on its own. It requires constant care.

Our key services
  • Creating auto-expanding solution that automatically scales with need
  • Bot detection and mitigation
  • DDOS & other cyberattack mitigation
  • Security audits & patching
  • Systems backups
  • Data backups, replication & high availability
Tools we leverage: